This method is used to register a single TomTom Online Map layer-source.

To use TomTom layers as background layers-sources, you need to create an account on the TomTom Developer Site.

NOTE: Please note that it is your responsibility to comply with all licensing and legal issues relating to TomTom.


Name Required Type Description
key Yes String This is the layer-source key that will be used to identify the TomTom layer.
options Yes Mapzania.Platform.TomTom.MapLayerSourceOptions Options for registering the layer-source (see below for more details).


The options in the table below are described in more detail in the TomTom Online Maps documentation.

Name Default Required Type Description
ApiKey null Yes String The API Key provided to you when you register with TomTom.
Layer LayerEnum.Basic No LayerEnum The layer of the tiles to be rendered.
Style StyleEnum.Main No StyleEnum The style of the tiles to be rendered.
View ViewEnum.Unified No ViewEnum The Geopolitical view of the tiles.
Language "NGT" No String The language to be used in tile labels.


void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)

    // Set options for the TomTom layer-source
    var options = new Platform.TomTom.MapLayerSourceOptions {
        ApiKey = "[Your TomTom API Key]",
        Layer = Platform.TomTom.MapLayerSourceOptions.LayerEnum.Basic,
        Style = Platform.TomTom.MapLayerSourceOptions.StyleEnum.Night,
        View = "NGT",
        Language = "fr-FR"        
    // Register the TomTom layer-source
    Mapzania.Services.RegisterTomTomMapLayerSource("TOMTOM_TILES_NIGHT", options);
    // Start Mapzania